I have come up with a group of concepts to design homes to be more serviceable, comfortable and efficient, so that a "mom" (for example) doesn't have to devote his or her life solely to taking care of the home and its members. (Though that can be fun and rewarding, it can be draining.) So if you are wanting to build a new home, I can work with your architect or builder and you as a consultant to create an extra special home or remodel! 

I call it Standard Living and the new Feng Shui...Standard Living because it raises the standard way of living. And the new Feng Shui because it is free flowing and all about light and joy.

If you are Home Builder, I can help you create a unique and much needed floorpans for the changing world. I can also help you develop a community!  

Smart Living Center


The Smart Living Center

The Smart Living Center is one of my proprietary concepts. The Smart Living Center is a new Hub of the Home! It's where you go to get ready for the day and where to go to get ready for bed.  It  contains a family closet, one for kids and one for parents (or one for  the girls and one for the guys for example), a Japanese bath (very important), the laundry area with an island (if space is available and highly recommended!), a restroom or two, access to the outdoors.


Japanese Bath

Japanese baths  include a shower and bath in the same  bathing area.  First fill the tub. (Japanese baths are high tech. You can control the temperature and fill to a desired depth with a touch of a button. They also have covers.) Then take a shower (standing or seated.) Once clean, soak in the tub. Japanese baths are good conversation areas. They are also great to enjoy alone. Water is usually pretty warm and after you get out, you feel great!  It is appropriate for families to take baths together when the kids are young. Bath water can be reheated for the last person in. I recommend taking a bath at night! Makes for a relaxing sleep!


Laundry Area

The laundry area is right by the tub. Kids can get undressed and drop dirty clothes in a dirty clothes basket right by the washing machine. Another option is a changing area as you enter the bathing room. Having the washer and dryer near the bath and near the closets makes it easier for people to wash and put away clothes.  These larger closets make it easier to put things away and find things more easily. It also cuts down on yelling for help if someone needs help with something.


Family Closets

Everyone in the family chips in and helps putting things away!  Hooray!


Conversation Area

Convenient sinks for washing hands, hand washables and brushing teeth allow for more fun and conversation! All located conveniently in the Smart Living Center!



The Smart Living Center's island has drawers for things like towels, socks, undergarments and pj's.